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Voice and Video Calling Services online

If you are ready to cut the cord to your traditional landline telephone and use your broadband internet connection as your phone line, you have plenty of options,specially when you are interested to make cheap VoIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone calls.
By using VoIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol), you can call your friends or family member at the cheapest call rates and even sometimes it is free to, Some of the VoIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol) don't requires any internet connection while some of them are.

Nowadays VoIP Software for Desktop and Mobile Phones are available to make phone calls or even Video calls from your computer.All you need to make VoIP calls from your computer is, Just download the VoIP client on your computer and headset cum microphone to hear and speak with and Webcam if you want to make a Video calls with it.

It is probably the best application that allows users to make voice and video calls and chats over the Internet.Now Skype is official belonging to Microsoft because Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 Billion.The Skype application can be downloaded for Windows, Linux, Mac, Windows Mobile and iPhone and Skype Lite is also available for mobile cell phones like Nokia, Sony and Samsung to make calls from their mobile phones.

Skype Calling Rates : You can make free calls from your Skype to another Skype user over worldwide, however if you want to make calls to any number worldwide, you need to pay 1.9c/min 2.2c (incl. VAT) for that.You can make Unlimited calls on Skype by Paying Monthly subscription starting from €0.89/month (€1.02/month incl. VAT).You can make unlimited calls to landlines in 40 countries worldwide for just €9.99/month.You can pay money via PayPal,Diners, MasterCard or Visa,Moneybookers.

2.Windows Live Messenger 2011:
It requires to have Windows Live Messenger installed on your computer which is available only on Windows.With Windows Live Messenger, you can do more than just IM with friends. Chat in high definition (HD), watch videos together, share a photo slide show while you chat, and even play fun games.

3.Yahoo! Voice :
Yahoo! Voice is the popular voice calling service from yahoo.You need to install the Yahoo! Messenger in your computer before you get started.It is available for download for Mac, Web, Mobile, iPhone.
You can get a personal International phone number for your computer.So that your friends and family member can also call you from their phone to you.You can pick your area code, so friends still enjoy local rates when calling you wherever you are. You can make free PC to PC calls from yahoo! messenger.You can check out the latest yahoo! Phone calls rates from the Yahoo!

4.Bria by CounterPath Corporation
The software is provided by CounterPath Corporation.It is the simple softphone application lets you to manage conversation easily and efficiently from your computer desktop.You can also send messages and transfer files through the application when your contacts available online.The Software is available to download for Windows, Mac OS, Linux (Voice calling only). It has capability to make Voice and HD (1280 x 720p) Video calling; IM and Presence (SIP SIMPLE and XMPP); Multiple Account Integration; Address Book Support (Mac and Windows); Company Chat Rooms; USB Support; Troubleshooting Assistant; Workgroups; Call Recording and Conferencing.

5.Jitsi (SIP Communicator):
It is the most complete and advanced open source You can see your friends with Jitsi and its high quality SIP and XMPP video calls!The application can be downloaded for Linux, Mac OS, Windows XP/2000 (all java supported).

It is the best application for Video Conferencing for business and video chat for personal use. Video eMail, video conference & video chat solutions.It is available to download only for Mac OS X, Windows.

Facebook has also launched a video calling service over internet to engage user with them site from starting of the year 2011.Facebook video calling features are available free worldwide.You can make free video calls with your friends who are online.You can not make calls to landlines number via Facebook.You can also make Group video calling over Facebook.

Search Giant Google has launched social networking website called Google+ this year loaded with lots of fun and entertainment.You can make Group video calling with your friends on Google+,make conversation with your online friends.

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