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CamStudio-Best Screen Recorder Software

CamStudio is open source free screen recording software that allows you to not only record your computer screen in AVI or Flash (SWF) movie files but you can even record your video chat conversation with CamStudio.There are quite a few tools available for creating screencasts. Even it is free, it bears number of features that can be compared with commercial Screen Recording Tools.You can record your video screencast within a minute without any extra programming knowledge.

You can highlight the mouse cursor path during a recording session, so that it can be used as video tutorial for any software representation.Just like various Screencasting software like Smallvideosoft , Screencast-O-Matic , Webinaria & Windows Media Encoder you can manually set the region of the screen to be recorded like full screen or fixed region if you don't wish to focus on other part of your computer screen rather than main one.
Autopan is the best option available in CamStudio, that I did not found with any other tools.It allows you to record a smaller part of screen, with effective zooming in on particular part what you’re working on, and still you will be able to use the whole screen.
Cursor option allows you to highlight the mouse cursor or your custom cursor even you can hide your cursor with that option,Highlighting cursor will give you a chance to create more effective presentation for your demonstration screencasting video.

As an ideal screencasting software, it allows you to record both the audio and screen video or you can make only video without audio and record your voice later on.You can use either microphone or speaker to record audio for your screencast.
Screen annotations is another best option available in free CamStudio software.It provides you an ability to add screen annotations, baloons in your video.Adding screen annotation is little bit tricky but you can add screen annotation to your video with little or more practice.

Did you like the software, or which is the best tool you liked from Camstudio, give your answer as a comment below and tell us which software do you use for creating screencast?

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