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Listen to your Favourite RSS Feed on Android

Don't have a time to read your favorite website with popular RSS feed on your android or on computer, or you are busy while driving,Now you can keep up with listening to your favorite website with free WebTalks apps that read your RSS feed in robotic language.

There are so many popular feed reader for android phones available on Android market like gReader , NetNewsWire & Desktop Rss Reader like FeedDemon & Rss Bandit but I found the apps quite different from those.The WebTalks reads aloud your feeds in a female robotic voice even while driving a car, busy or sleeping time it will tell you all the RSS feed in synchronization with your Google account.So WebTalks read your RSS feed and tell you, you can hear your feed via WebTalks free android apps and WebTalks will mark the listened feeds as read,so when you are going to read your feed on computer, listened feed will not show you as unread.It can run in the background so you can lock your android device to save battery of your mobile phone and listening it as if hearing MP3 song in mobile ,radio or podcast.
You can manually add new RSS feed to listen,It is free Text-to-speech based android apps feed reader for your android device.Offline mode enables you to listen your favorite website even when you are in offline mode.You can even read the text when WebTalks apps telling you the text.Single click allows you to play and pause feature and double click will leads you to next post.

The biggest drawback I found with this apps is it will speak even sign coming in a way of reading the feeds.Suppost The slash (/) is coming in reading way, it will speak "forward Slash".No other drawback I found with the apps,It is quite useful and time saver when you have no time to read feeds.If the apps runs in background of android phone, you will see the notification of being playing feeds in the notification bar.

Currently the apps supports only English language, but you can use TTS Translator from the Android Market to play your favorite feeds in your preferred language(s).You can Download WebTalks (Free) & Download WebTalks (Paid) from android market.Paid version is ad free version.

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