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Desktop based News reader For Your Google Feeds

Desktop based RSS feed reader lets user to synchronize feeds with Facebook, Google reader, NewsGator or Windows Common Feedlist(by using Internet Explorer and outlook).

RSS Bandit can be used as a desktop client for reading Google Reader feeds without using web-browser or even when there is no internet connection available and when you are in offline mode.

RSS bandit is the most powerful free RSS reader application allows you to read news feeds (both RSS and Atom feeds) and download podcasts from your desktop.It is automatically synchronize the feed from Google Reader and updates the feed status from the application also so the read feed  item will be shown in the the Google reader in same status.
I prefer FeedDemon over RSS Bandit Desktop Client & NetNewsWire Desktop feed reader because NetNewsWire Desktop Feed reader is available only for the iPad , iPhone and Mac and so Window XP user can not take advantage about this.RSS Bandit has some unique features like an Outlook style tri-pane interface & a ‘Download Manager’ that are not available on feeddemon and even on NetNewsWire.
RSS Bandit is open-source and developed by Dare Obasanjo.Download RSS Bandit from the official website at

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