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Desktop RSS Reader NetNewsWire for Mac,iPhone & iPad

If you are Mac OS X user, and rss addict than a good news for you.
There is a application called NetNewsWire which is specially made for Mac OS X & iOS users to get RSS and Atom reader for your Mac.There are so many popular feed reader for android phones available on Android market like gReader , Desktop based RSS Reader like FeedDemon & Rss Bandit,but it is the first desktop RSS readers working on any platform.

The amazing application will separate news and latest posts from the websites you subscribed and download in your desktop, so it will help use to experience faster performance and better feed handling even when you are offline.

Smart List feature is the unique feature of NetNewsWire application that works like iTunes' Smart Playlists: it creates special watches for important topics or authors you don't want to miss. The downside of many desktop readers is that there's no online access, but NetNewsWire syncs with the online newsreader, Newsgator, and back again, so you're never without your feeds if you've got a browser.

Latest version of NetNewsWire is 3.2.15 and that needs Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6, and runs on PPC and Intel Macs.Free version of NetNewsWire is ads supported version that shows ads in the lower-left hand corner of the window but if you wish to have no ads of your NetNewsWire RSS reader, you need to purchase it's license version for $14.95.

You can run on standalone or sync with Google reader as per your wish.You may use lots of keyboard shortcuts with NetNewsWire application.If you likes any news or resource, you can directly tweet it via mac along with tabbed browser interface.

NetNewsWire application is also available to download for iPad, that will aggregate news rss feed to your iPad.

You can tweet directly any post if you like anything.Same like Mac, you can sync it with Google reader or it can be used standalone.It bears iPad-optimized design with plenty of animations.

You can use the NetNewsWire application for iPhone which is the best news rss aggregation for iPhone available in free version and paid version for $4.99. Only difference between both is that free version include advertisement  while premium version have no ads.

It can sync with Google reader so you can read feeds from everywhere so you have to read items once.
The main advantage of NetNewsWire apps for iPhone is that,You can also post link to Twitter or by sending email without leaving the app.
You can also save article for later in Instapaper or by starring them.

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You can download NetNewsWire for Mac from the official website at


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