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Facebook offers inline Translation on Facebook Fan pages

Facebook will now translate the comment in your native language.Through Microsoft’s Bing inline Language Translator technology, Facebook users will now be able to click a link to translate Facebook pages not written in their language without leaving Facebook and Facebook will translate the foreign language into your native language.

The Facebook inline Language translation technology is differs from Google language translation.Vadim Lavrusik on Facebook said,"Last night we launched a new translation tool that enables people to translate posts directly inline on Facebook Pages through Bing Translate. With this service, it will be even easier for people to enjoy public Page content on Facebook regardless of the languages that they know. If a comment is posted in another language, you'll see a "translate" button. "

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The Facebook translation wizard is available only on community or Facebook fan page, but not yet available on Facebook profile yet.If you are administrator of any Facebook fan page, you can enable Facebook translation in your Facebook fan page by clicking on Setting tab, Where you will see options as shown in the image below.

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