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Download Angry Birds latest version Free for PC

Angry Birds is a viral Game played either over internet online or on offline mode via PC windows and Mac.Once I played angry Bird Game on My Google Chrome web browser and I was getting addicted to it.
Angry Birds maker Rovio received funding Worth $1.2 Billion,Online version of Angry Birds can be played online on Google chrome on where you can play Angry Birds online in HD with Google Chrome.

New version of Angry birds need not have any requirement like Browser or flash & you can even even smash the pigs while you are offline.

Angry Birds for PC requires about $4.99 but they provides Demo version of Angry Birds with initial levels unlocked.After expiring demo version , you can purchase full version of angry birds bia Paypal or credit cards online, then they will mail you serial key of Angry birds by entering it you will have more 240+ levels unlocked in the same demo version.
You can play game offline but needed to have internet connection for activation purpose.

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