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FeedDemon RSS reader latest version free download

FeedDemon 4 is the latest version of RSS reader download free online.FeedDemon 4 is the most powerful desktop RSS reader for Windows, founded by Nick Bradbury.
I am using this RSS reader and found very useful for RSS addicts.The latest version of FeedDemon 4 is available for download which is almost 3.93 MB of size and downloaded in your PC within 1 minute or two.
You can syns with NewsGator(which is the creator of feedDemon) or sync with Google Reader.You will be asked about this option while at the time of installing.When you are select I want to sync with Google reader, you will be asked to type your Google account credentials and after procedure it will take about a minute syncing up with Reader.

There are so many popular feed reader for android phones available on Android market like gReader , NetNewsWire & Desktop based RSS Reader like Rss Bandit but The Feeddemon lite version 4 is the latest version and it bears number of features to let reader easily stick with them.
Google Reader Synchronization in to feeddemon will let user to use FeedDemon at home, office, or anywhere & keep feeds, tags and shared items synched between locations.
You can recommend your friends to subscribe to your favorite articles via FeedDemon's simple single-click sharing.By using Tagging feature you can Assign your own keywords to items, making it easy to classify and locate articles you've previously read.
you can set up watch by adding particular keyword and it will tell you when the particular keyword appear in the feed you subscribed.
Moreover you can search for new feeds, subscribe new feeds with the help of FeedDemon 4.Podcasts will let FeedDemon automatically download audio files and copy them to your iPod or other media device easily.Just like  listening an email by adding on iPod.

FeedDemon License version will allow you to install FeedDemon on several computers provided only one person uses them.FeedDemon uses a web connection to activate and synchronize with the Newsgator online account.

While at the time of installing software, if you do not add particular feed to feeddeomn, you will be asked to add recommended feed that will provide you the best articles from several popular websites.
Like the other browser, it is offering user to open multitab preview and allows user to experience browser like interference.
You can create new folder as shown like bloggers, comics in order to maintain category of your feeds.

Download FeedDemon 4

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