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AdSense Academy will help you to run your Adsense Account

If you know what is google adsense than OK, but what happens if you are newbie to adsense and want to make money online with Google adsense.You need to do either search online for adsense tutorial from other source which are not even genuine and thus due to misleading your adsense account might be banned.
To avoid the misleading to Google adsense, Google has recently released AdSense Academy that will help user to successfully run your AdSense account said by Thomas Tran on adsense blog.

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Six step tutorial include
1.Implement your ad units
2.Take control of your ads
3.Get Paid
4.Track your Sucess
5.Try more features and products
6.Increase traffic and grow earnings
All the features of Adsense academy will contain step by step Google adsense tutorial includes checklists, videos and quizzes that you can take at the end of each module to test your knowledge.

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