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Pay Attention while Applying for New Broadband Internet Connection

Are you getting tired from your Internet Service Provider(ISP), that is always not providing the speed according  to your plan and cheating you always??, Well let me tell you something that I was also felt same problem and had to change my Internet Service provider within a month of two because of low speed internet connection or even less than 2-4 kbps, So I had to change my internet connection provider each time and Now I am using You Broadband Internet connection that is provide me a pretty good speed with satisfactory results.
But before you are going to order your new broadband internet connection Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) through standard phone line you need to pay attention to the internet connection provider about their service.

Internet connection speed is measured in the Kilobits per Seconds(KBPS) or in Megabits per seconds(MBPS).If you are internet user and want to test internet speed, you can manually check it through various tool available to test internet connection speed online.But the Kilobits/Megabits are not actually measured according to we are calculating them for our Hard disk or any other flash drive.
Suppose if you are applying for 1 MBPS internet connection , you will get 1,000 Kbps surfing speed which is nearly equal to 125 KBPS download speed [1 Byte = 8 Bits].So that if you applied for 1 MBPS internet connection, you will get 8 seconds to download the 1 MB file in your local hard drive normally.
Some internet providers are more clever in providing internet speed at constant speed even in day or night time but some of them are little not.Because I was getting speed of 54 KBPS internet connection on day time while I was getting around 700 KBPS speed in night time with my Previous internet connection that was my previous service provider(Tikona).

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Upload speed and download speed of internet connection are different from each other and mostly upload speed is less than that of download speed.So pay attention if you are intended to use internet for uploading high amount of data for online storage like if you are running a website that providers free software download online, and for that you have to upload software regularly which is of any size.

Internet speed is sometimes getting down while you calling from phone line.So avoid such a bad internet connection provider.

If you are using internet for daily use just to check your mail and social networking purpose or download music or video, games and software just apply for unlimited internet bandwidth(No download limits).

If you intend to use internet for business, you can check business broadband packages or compare business broadband packages online with broadband-finder.


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