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Google Analytics now offering free real-time website tracking‎

Google Analytics has recently released the new features of free real-time web traffic tracking‎, that will not only show the traffic report for your websites but it will shows real-time website tracking‎.Real time Web traffic analysis is available on the new version of Google Analytics.So that user will have an instant look at a site's active-visit count.
Take a look at new version of Google analytics here in the image.It will shos the Top active pages on your website along with Top referrals on the Dashboard page.

Google Analytics is not the first service that provides real time website traffic view of website, but there are some other websites that provides real time traffic data to the users like Woopra, Chartbeat etc but unlike them Google analytics is totally free.Google has also introduced Google Analytics Premium, which is the first paid Google Analytics product.

Along with Real time view of Google analytics, user will also find lots of features like time spent by user on your blog, Most popular key word,Referring sites,Most popular Landing pages etc.

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