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Microsoft to Reboot Most Popular Email Service-Hotmail going to reborn

Microsoft has announced to push the reboot button on their very popular Email services bearing a series of latest features intended to use help service's approximately 350 million users better sort through the clutter in their in-boxes.

Almost 75% emails are being reported as a spams by the customers / mail client due to they signed up with some legitimate website.Five new features were unveiled at Windows Live event in San Francisco, including a new tool to deal with "graymail" that will help people to make clean their mail box with unwanted emails that are not believed as spams but they are almost!!Like newsletters and social networking updates that aren't quite spam but aren't quite legitimate emails either, improved flags to move key emails to the top of the mailbox, and more.
New newsletter category will provides the user to categorize the delivered mails to their inbox like social updates, messages that contain Office documents, messages with photos, and even shipping notifications. They will use the same SmartScreen™ technology that helps to fight spam.

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One-click unsubscribe will help user to unsubscribe from unwanted mails that user has registered with particular websites and forget to unsubscribe.All you need to do is just click on the unsubscribe button and they will stop the site mailing you forever.

 Company also avails Schedule Cleanup features that will help user to keep clean their mailbox time to time.They keep the latest mail from email sender and delete the expired mail as they are getting older than (3 days, 10 days, 30 days, or 60 days).

Yahoo mail is the second biggest mail service provider with approximately 310 million users which is about 40 million fewer than Hotmail. Gmail may be regarded as hip, but it has about 90 million fewer users worldwide.

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