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Intelligent T-Shirt will monitor Cardiac Patient in Future

A Good news for Heart patient,The heart patient has to wear a T-Shirt which will monitor the Electrocardiogram(ECG) and track the location of the patient within the hospitals.Doctors are going to use the latest technology to monitor their patient with an electronic devices.
The T-Shirt are made from 'e-textile' material developed by the company Textronics, and the advantage of that T-Shirt is that, you can wash it also!!!

Spain Scientist has developed such a T-Shirts which will measure the Heart rate of the patient along with the temperature measurement and could be avail in upcoming six months.

The whole system of that Electronic T-Shirts is working on the principle of raw data is collected by an 'acquisition device' (AD) worn around the neck under the T-shirt, which uses to sends it on wirelessly to a management system, which interprets the results in measuring devices.
The main advantage of the system is that, the patient can move according to their wish and still patient can be monitored in real-time without any cables due to the wireless platform.
What you are expecting from such a technology T-Shirts, leave comment below!

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