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How to capture screen using Windows Media Encoder

Windows Media Encoder is freely downloadable trial version media encoder developed by Microsoft Software which is used as screen capturing tool, audio & video encoding software.
Windows Media Encoder is a powerful production tool for compressing audio and video content into a format that is suitable for streaming over the Internet, downloading onto users' computers, or playing back on hardware devices.

1.To start with Windows Media Encoder you need to click on Start, point to All Programs, select to Windows Media, and then click on Windows Media Encoder.

2.When you start the Windows Media Encoder, New Session dialog box will be appear automatically and uses a fixed set of scenarios to help you begin the encoding process. If this dialog box does not appear, click New Session on the Encoder toolbar.
Now go to wizard tab and click on the Capture screen and click on OK button.

3.There will be there option available saying Specific window,Region of the screen & Entire screen.Depending on your need, you can select the relevant option.You can also record your voice if you select the capture audio from default audio device.

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4.By clicking on the next button, you will see a new session box promoting you to select the region of the screen you want to capture,here you can adjust the width and height of the screen to be captured.

5.On next button, you will have to configure the location in your local drive of your computer where the media file will be stored during session and select next button.You may add your video title, author, and other information that you want to display during playback on the Display Information screen.

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