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Generate Watermark for your Images :Guide & Review

Previously I have discussed about how we can add watermark on created videos if we want to publish them on internet with our brand name.You can create cool looking brand name logo with various websites via online method or you can create your professional logo if you know adobe Photoshop effectively than those of online tools.

Free image watermark generator software:

1.Alamoon Watermark
Alamoon Watermark is free image editor for adding watermark to your digital pictures & a powerful watermarking software for protecting and enhancing your images.It is effective and simple watermarking tool lets you to add watermarks in thousands of images in a second and the main advantage is that you can add watermarks in most of the available images file formats like JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PCX, PNG, TGA, PBM, PGM, PPM, GIF, VDA, ICB, VST, PIX, WMF, FAX, PSD, PDD, PSP, CUT and PCD Image Formats etc so you need not to converts you images in another one before adding watermark.You can also add date stamps to your images directly with Alamoon Watermark.It is available in both free and pro version.If you are in budget, you can go for pro version of Alamoon Watermark about $33 USD.

2.TSR Watermark Image software
TSR Watermark Image software is free program for personal use that can add digital watermarks to all your images, photos and pictures with the transparency you wish to have.TSR Watermark is available in multiple languages & you can save your watermarked images in multiple formats like JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF and this feature helps you to generate thumbnails easily for your images.You can set transparency for your created watermark with simple option.It can also resize your images before  you add digital watermark.

Picture-shark is freeware tool to add Stamp visible watermark logos or text on image files.You can download Picture-Shark for free from their official website.You can manually setup the transparency of watermarked image as in TSR Watermark Image software.Zoom button allows you to zoom in and out so you can better see how your settings take effect.The software is available for free for Win9x/NT/2000/ME/XP/2003/Vista/Win7 Operating systems.

Commercial image watermark generator software:

4.Aoao Watermark
Aoao Watermark is the professional software to add watermark to your images. Aoao Watermark lets you to put digital watermarks (text, image, logo, etc) to your photos, protect theirs safety of copyright, avoid from unauthorized use. You can also add frames to your pictures and images like Adobe Photoshop.It is powerful tool that can add watermarks to 500 pictures as 800*600 pixels less than 1 minute, You can also Rename, crop and resize your favorite images easily.You can download trial version of Aoao watermark and if you like the software, you may go for pro version of Aoao for just $29.90 USD.

Visualwatermark is Batch photo watermarking & adding copyright tool that can be used on both Mac and Windows.Visual Watermark software has ability to recognizes disparity between photo sizes and transforms watermark accordingly. Your watermark will be down-scaled to prevent a crop on smaller photos automatically and scaled-up for bigger photos.You can add unique look to your custom photo watermark & set transparency, shadow, glow, gradient overlay and stroke filters according to your need.You can simply drag the watermark and add it wherever in images you wish to add.You can download trial version of Visualwatermark and if you like the trial version, you can get pro version of visual watermark for just $20 USD only.

Free Online image watermark generator Tools:
There are various website available online on the internet that provide free service to add watermatks to images and some of them I liked most are mentioned here.
It is simple online free tool for Batch Watermarking your images.It helps you to add watermark and protect your images before you get them online.So you can copyright photos online with those free or paid tool.This free tool, you can add upto 20 images by selecting location of your images and customize your watermark as you are doing with the watermark generator software but the main advantage of online watermark generator is that you need not have to download any software and you can do it without installation of any files.
Watermarktool is free online watermark utility that allows you to generate quickly and easily watermarks for your images.You can protects your images easily with visible watermark generated by you.It is similar tool like the above one, you can add batch photo for processing your images for generating watermark on it.
watermarkz is free online photo watermark generator for your photo and images.You need not to install adobe Photoshop in your computer in mac or windows, just use this online free utility and generate free watermark for your images.
PicMarkr lets you to add custom watermark like image or text to your images online for free.Just upload photos generate watermark to your images and get them for free.You can upload your photos to Picmarker from your Computer, Flickr, Facebook or from Picasa album and generate watermark online for free.
It is online watermark tool that protects your images and photos with your custom generated watermarks.You can upload most of the images formats like jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tif, tiff and maximum file size allowed to upload is 500 KB per photo. is Free online image watermarking service allows you to protect your images with your generated watermark.There are two option available either you may go for single watermark to add watermark in your one image or you can go for batch watermark,that allows you to add watermark on lots of images at the same time. is Mass Image Editor, Resize, watermarking tool that allows you to edit your images online quickly and easily to generate batch watermark for your lots of images at the same time.

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