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Record Screen with Webinaria HD Screencast Recorder

Webinaria is the smart, reliable and easy-to-use recording/screencast software allows you to record software demonstrations and tutorials. You can publish your video in Flash, view on their website or yours, other user can give ratings to your uploaded videos, comments and share with others.Webinaria helps you to create demos with open source and 100% free screen recording software that do not leaves their watermark on your created videos like free version of Screencast-O-Matic.

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You can also record your voice along with presentation like Smallvideosoft.It allows you to record voice narration and webcam and upload directly tothe web in Flash format for free.Webinaria is the tool that allows you not only record desktop presentation but also edit the audio and webcam properties frame by frame,you can also add text, sound and Web cam effects to selected frames on a timeline to your created video.
You can select add interval button to edit the selected frames,It also show you the preview while making video.When you starts recording , Webinaria sits in the system tray and will not interrupt the recording. Using the right-click of the mouse, you are able to stop, pause, record and so forth.or you can use some keyboard shortcuts for Webinaria(Alt+R to Record or resume video,Alt+P to Pause & ALT+5 to Stop recording.)

Tips for Creating an Effective Screencast:

1.Complete your video within 4-5 minutes,maximum length of video should be 6 minutes because most of the people likes shorts stories of video,if you are creating 15-20 minutes video,I don't think it will leave any impression on viewer's mind.

2.If you are going to capture some software tutorials, removes unwanted items from your desktop(like unwanted folders,important notes etc) or if you are showing some tutorial on web browser, remove or uninstall unwanted addons and toolbar from browser.

3.If you are recording the screen for the first time, be sure you have practiced a lot before recording about the same, because if you didn't practiced about it, you won't be able to create an effective presentation.

4.If you are creating your presentation in AVI or FLV and larger file size, you may compress video by reducing frame in Frame rate setting..

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