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Save attachment mail directly Google Docs

all of us has experience on thing in our Gmail account that whenever some mails is delivered on our Gmail address with an attachment we are provided with two option either to view it or download it in our computer.

We are very familiar with those two option that allows you to view either in Google Docs or Download directly in your computer but what happen if you have no time to read the attachment and you are in hurry, so want to save it but not in your computer?
Well , you can save Gmail attachment directly on your Google Docs account from the attachment list itself with a newly added Save To Docs link available on Google Chrome Extension.
The option will be available on your Gmail account when you are installing the Chrome extension called as"Gmail Attachments To Docs " by Josh Sullivan.The Extension is available free for download.After installing the extension, just refresh your gmail account and open the mail with attachment, you will see the third option that will allows you to save your Gmail attachment directly on Google Docs.(Do you know that?Gmail can be used as a online hard disk)After saving you will get a message saying that your file has been saved to Google Docs.
The extension will help you when you want to share multiple attachment with your friends and you don't
have a time to save each of the attachment on your computer and again attach with particular email.

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