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How to convert pdf to image file format

Recently we have talked about converting a MicroSoft Word Document file in to PDF file or JPEG image file, but what the question is that, hwo we can convert PDF file into JPG image?
Well, before going to solution,we must think about what is the need to converting PDF file in to an JPG image file??
The answer is that, the PDF files need external application like Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to open PDF file while the image file can normally be opened in window image viewer.
The second reason is that, browser has inbuilt capacity to load an image file to display while in case of PDF file, the whole PDF file must be download before opening the document in your browser and it consumes your computer speed also.

There are mainly two ways by which you can convert PDF file in to image file, either by online or offline.Online way uses some special websites that converts your PDF files online in to image file and offline way needs software to be downloaded in your computer that will convert an image file for you from PDF document.

Online way to convert PDF into image:


It is the best website that offers Free conversion between document, image, music, video, audio, eBook, compressed and CAD formats.The mainadvantage is that you need not to download any software nor you need to register your self before using the service.


Youconvertit is another web-based online File Converter website that allow users to convert any type of file formats, support media converter, convert images, convert audio in relevant formats.

3.Neevia Document Converter:

It is the best out of mentioned above tools to makes it possible for anyone to instantly convert many of the file formats (doc, docx, xls, ppt..) that are used daily to PDF or Image.
Just select the output file format, than some advance option are here like adding watermark in image file,Resolution setting on image file, and you can protect your image with encryption also and that go to step 2, where you have to select file to be converted.
You can send the converted file via mail or convert it online and than save it in your computer also depending on your need.

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Desktop application to convert PDF files:

1.PDF-Xchange Viewer:

It is the Desktop application specially made for windows.The best feature of the application is that, you can export PDF file in various formats such as JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG and more.

2.Virtual Image Printer Driver for Windows:
Virtual Image Printer Driver is based on the Microsoft universal printer driver. Virtual Image Printer Driver can print to file any printable document in your Windows system to the one or many BMP, PNG , JPG, TIFF or PDF files.

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