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Rooting on Android- Why It is important?

What is Rooting for Android?
Well, Rooting of Android device is the process of giving you regaining administrative access to your phone.Even though Android is open source OS but still you can't get full “root access” to do what you please. By Rooting your android device you will have extra features and have full access to each and everything you want from your android.

Why to Root Android Phone/Tablet?
It is just because, you will get a freedom to use it will the best of it and you will gain full control over your system and can tweak it to your liking.

1.Real performance boot :
You can speedup android phone by rooting procedure.It works by relocating your phones cache thus allowing
you to save phone memory and have a faster phone.So root your android phone and take full advantage of what the hardware is capable of.

2.Alter System Files: 
You can replace many parts of the “Android Core” & change the recovery & boot images, add linux binaries.

3.More Apps Choice:
You can install the application which are compatible with rooted android phones.Suppose, You wish to play Angry Birds unlocked level,you need to install the application called as ‘Angry Birds Unlock all levels’ on your android phone that works only on rooted phones.

4.Install android application on SD memory Card:
One of most disadvantage of android device is that the application you are installing on the device is goes installed on internal memory of phone not on SD memory card.Google explains it as the application installed in phone memory have faster performance while the fact is that majority of android devices do not comes with massive internal memory.But with rooted devices, you can use Apps2SD, which will copy ALL your applications to a ext2/3/4 formatted SD card an will also store future builds in card.

5.Latest Android Operating System:
Rooted Device will have full access to update latest Android Operating System,So you can enjoy full features of latest version of android operating system.

6.WI-FI and Bluetooth Tethering:
With Rooted android device, you can use WiFi or Bluetooth tether to share your cellular data connection with your laptop or PC.

Like on iPhone typing on keyboard, you will have smoothness of keyboard.But by rooting procedure,you can make it possible to get multitouch input in various devices, most notably the G1.

The most popular apps for android rooting are SuperOneClick, Z4Root and Universal AndRoot.

Start rooting your android and take the full advantage of your Androide device.

Note: By Rooting your android device,It will void its warranty. In addition, performing the rooting procedure incorrectly may have unexpected consequences. Please follow this guide at your own risk.


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