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Play Unlocked levels of Angry Birds on your Android

Angry Bird is a viral game as I stated before, The application while played on Android, we feel great experience and the best downloaded game which stick us with it all times.The demands is all time high for Angry birds but it provides demo version with initial levels unlocked.If we want more levels for angry birds, We need to pay for the key.

The levels are arranged in such a way so that the locked levels comes in our way while we are addicted to Angry Birds game and so we have to purchase the application.Elsewise we need to ask our friends on social networking website Facebook or searching over internet about some free keys for angry birds but we are getting angry when we didn't get it.

Here is the solution for that.Search for the android application  in the Market uploaded by the user ‘pommedeterresautee’called as ‘Angry Birds Unlock all levels’ which is available to download for free.

when you will get it, Just install it by tapping on the application.The application will ask you for the permission to access full internet.Allow it and let the application to be downloaded.

You can modify /delete SD card contents on storage.

Once you have downloaded ‘Angry Birds Unlock all levels’ application installed in your android phone, open the application.You will be asked for some condition on the message page like,"Your phone must be rooted, if you don’t know what does it mean, your phone is NOT rooted, so it won’t work."Make sure that your android phone is rooted and click on unlock all levels.

Enjoy Angry Birds all level unlocked for free!!!

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