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Speech-to-Text for Google Translate in Chrome

After release of HTML 5 feature by Google, Google has recently released new feature of voice input with Google Translate instead of typing or using copy-and-paste.The new Google Translate voice feature can only supports translating from English Language to other , although with some languages Google Translate can also pronounce the foreign words for you.

If you’re translating from English by using new Google Translate voice feature, just click on the microphone on the bottom right of the input box, speak your text, and choose the language you want to translate to. In fact, you can even click on the “Listen” feature to hear the translated words spoken back to you!

Just make sure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome before you are trying out new speech input feature with Google Translate because the speech input version is not available for beta version.After ensuring that, just log on to and select English in the From: menu if you wish to translate speech from English language & select other language you wish to translate in in To: menu.

Next step is to Click on the microphone icon situated in lower side shown in image having speak now button.So pop up button will prompt you to speak into your microphone connected to your computer.Don't try to speak fast , just speak slowly not too much slowly because it will not work if your speaking speed is too much faster or slower.

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