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Test Android apps on PC

If you don't have an android phone and want to write a review about any android famous application, you can't.or If you want to test some android apps without installing them on your android phone previously it was not possible but thanks to BlueStacks (download link).

Actually the software ,dubbed the BlueStacks App Player which has yet hit the alpha stage and still gaining more and more popularity.You can download the test version from the link provided above.The BlueStacks App Player allows you to run several preloaded apps, install up to 26 more, and sync apps from an Android phone to your computer.

You will find some obstacle like you can run application on android with touch screen but on your window, it is little bit difficult to handle the android application with key board and mouse.It it better to use it on laptop with multitouch mouse pad.You can login to BlueStacks App Channels with your Facebook account if you want to add more apps.To send the application from your android phone to the computer, you need to download BlueStacks Cloud Connect App on from Google's Android Market & install on your mobile device.

In it's alpha version, the BlueStacks App Player supports only Windows PCs, so Mac user has to wait until the official release of BlueStacks App Player for Mac.However you can select on the notify button that will send you mail when the official version of the player for Mac is available to download from the official website of player.

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