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Test Your LCD Monitor or Plasma TV for dead pixels

Do your monitor have dead pixel?Generally Dead Pixels are Defective pixels on a liquid crystal display (LCD) not performing as expected. They are darkish dots remaining persistent on the liquid crystal display (TFT LCD) which will not let you to enjoy watching the movies on LCD or playing games because whichever activity you are doing on your computer, the stuck pixel will disturbs you each and every time so you need to fix it and most of the dead pixel can be fixed on LCD or on laptop but not all of cases.

Well, If you see the dark point on your LCD monitor screen or plasma TV, than you can say your monitor has dead pixel on it, but if you don't see it on your LCD monitor,and wan to check stuck pixel on LCD monitor, you can check stuck pixel on your monitor your self by using free software available to download online.I found three similar application that will let you to check dead pixel on your monitor.

It is free light weight software that consist only about 186 KB and run without installation on your computer.That exe file by clicking on it will run and you can change your LCD monitor in various colors like white, Grey , black ,Green , blue , Yellow , Magenta , Cyan and you can even customize colors according to your wish.It is the best Dead Pixel Locator that will allows you to find for any dead pixel on your laptop screen or LCD screen while the background color changes.If you can not find any dark point on your screen while changing background color, that means your LCD have no dead cells.

UDPixel is free utility that rapidly changes all pixels located around a stuck one. Just keep it running for a few hours and see if this eliminates your problem. 

Web-based application that turns all pixels on and off about 60 times per second.That requires JAVA installed on your computer.You can run this application on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD.

4.Online Monitor Test
It is online tool that not only identify the bad pixel on your lcd screen but it can also test the quality of monitor.It requires flash to run the utility.

5.LCD Fixcode
It is also similar tool to find and eventually fix stuck pixels. It test three main color on your screen that are Red,Green and Blue.

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