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How to Repair dead Pixel on an LCD Monitor

LCD monitor are today widely used instead of the Desktop computer.The main problem occurred with LCD screen is that formation of Dead pixel or stuck pixel that are dark point appearing on the screen for persistent just like a pimple on the human skin.If you don't know if your laptop screen or LCD monitor is affected with dead pixel, you can test LCD for dead pixel with free utility available online.

LCD screen or Plasma TV screen are consisting of about 3.9 million sub-pixels (red, green and blue) on a standard 1280x1024 resolution LCD screen, and each of these is a transistor.If you found your lcd screen is affected with dead pixel, you can repair dead pixel on lcd screen by various method available and in most of cases, dead pixels can be repaired.You can do it with so many methods available.

Rubbing method:You can gently rub the affected part of your LCD monitor or laptop screen with the simple pencil eraser.Rub the affected part of the screen lightly and while applying the pressure, turn on the monitor's screen but it is advised not to rub elsewhere because it may stuck more pixel on your lcd or plasma TV, so just rub at the affected part only.This works as the liquid in the liquid crystal has not spread into each little pixel. This liquid is used with the backlight on your monitor, allowing different amounts of light through, which creates the different colors.Don't apply too much pressure as it will make things worse than before.You can use damp washcloth instead of rubber.

You can use tapping method to repair the stuck pixel on lcd or plasma TV, gently tap the affected part with rubber or rounded point pen on the dead pixel, it might work to fix stuck pixel.


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