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Instapaper Save interesting web pages for reading later

If you are regular subscriber of so many websites feed and assessing all the feeds with any popular RSS reader like Feeddemon on Computer or used to read all the feeds via android phones,Mac,iPhone & iPad.If you find yourself constantly stumbling across long text pieces online that you want to read later away from your computer, you might want to check out Instapaper.

It is probably the best option to read your favorite articles on the web later when you get free time to read it.I Instapaper since last month and I found it useful.It impressed me and save my times.I read lots of new stuffs with gReader installed on my android cell phone.gReader provides me the option to send the article directly to my Instapaper account so that I read all the articles subscribed from my feeds and send the favorite one to Instapaper to be published on my blog.

You can access Instapaper directly from your kindle web browser, bu instead of reading the sent article to the Instapaper, click on the Kindle button in the sidebar and save a Kindle-friendly .mobi version directly to your device. Not only will this be easier to navigate through, but you’ll have offline access to it.

It also offers Read Later bookmarklet, by which you can Drag the bookmark to your Bookmarks Bar.
If you are using folders in Instapaper, each folder has a bookmarklet to save pages directly into it under the Folder Tools section in the sidebar.

You can also email any of your favorite links or forward long email texts directly to your Instapaper account by sending them to your own secret, random email address given to all the Instapaper user.Anything sent to that address will get added to Instapaper.
If you are using popular Mac OS X feed reader, NetNewsWire, can send articles directly to Instapaper. You just have to select the Send to Instapaper menu from news menu.

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If you are Google Chrome user, you can install simple Instapaper extension to your browser,that will enables you to add the current page to your Instapaper List.


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