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Generate Multiple ScreenShots of movie

Have you ever thought while watching movies on your media player like VLC Media player, Windows Media player to take a photo of particular scene from the movie which scene do you like most?

You can take capture any video on your screen with various Desktop Screencasting tools.But the Scenegrabber .NET is little different program available for free download.that allows user to create single or multiple sequence of screenshots of movies that are loaded into it & generate a preview thumbnail sheet for each video or movies and allows you to save it as an image.The program requires Microsoft .net Framework to run & Microsoft’s Windows Media Player and codecs installed in your computer.

You can generate total 30 screenshots of a movie & number that can be changed in the header as well.The main feature of the programm is that it can supports almost all video file formats,you just have installed appropriate codec for that.Editing the sceneshot is also possible that allows you to manually add caption text, resize the text and color format also.

To run the program, you need to download Scenegrabber .NET & install in your computer. Grab the video file you wish to take screenshots of it and the video will starts playing.In control panel you will find two options like single screenshot & multiple screenshots, Select the appropriate option according to your need and once you have done, you will find the generated movies screenshots of your playing movie in one image file along with some movie information.

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