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Taaz -Create free virtual makeovers online

Do you like to make your photo like rock stars or image manipulation that will change your hair into celebrity hair styles,make over and number of enhancements to uploaded profile photos.I found one online which allows you to upload your photo on their website after sign in or registering and then you can make changes on your  Hairstyles, Makeup, Sunglasses and Color Contacts with the click of your mouse. Its free!
This is the preview image of the lady  in which first image represents the original image and the later one is showing the image that is edited with Taaz.So you can changes the lipstick color,Hairstyle, face,lip-gloss, lip-liners, Plump Lips, Whiten Teeth can remove pimple from your face with the tool.If you don't know how to use Adobe Photoshop than the website will be useful for you and you can do more than that of Photoshop with your images.You can make foundation on your face, Change your complete look and give a surprise by sharing your new styled photo on Facebook, twitter and enjoy.

The main drawback I found with the website is that it is not ideal for low speed internet connection because the website uses flash so needs high speed internet connection to create and edit your images online.So why are you waiting for??
Just logon to & Start editing your photos online.

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