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Translate any language on Windows Software

If you are wish to read any language in your browser,you can use any language in to your language with your browser plugin or if you are using mobile opera or computer Opera, than you may use the tool to read any language with opera browser, you can language translation tool available online on particular website those of using JavaScript.But what about of the Desktop application you are using like note pad, word pad, Office suite that comes in your way while using those program.
If you are searching for integrate Google Translate in Windows, and still searching,that enables you to read any language in to your native language, than you can checkout Trasmiti.

The application quietly runs in your Windows system tray and whenever you wish to translate language through any program just select the text you wish to translate and press hotkey from your computer(Window key that can be changed to any key you wish) and within two minute you can see the translated version of language in little cute box .

Not only it contains any language to English , the software provides so many language including Indian Language like Hindi so you can read those of any language into Hindi also.The Trasmiti is using Google Translate for language translation system.The app is and also portable so you can use it without installation.

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