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Enhanced Gmail application for mobile

Google is now introducing enhanced Gmail for IOS ,recently Google is implementing so number of features which make Gmail for mobile look sharper and feel smoother.

In past we had to refresh page to get updated mail with new list but now for enhanced Gmail application for mobile user can get updated list of mail by just pulling down mail list & when you see message like release to update and you will soon have fresh updated mail.The developers of Google have implemented an element known to users of Apple's operating system: drag to update.

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In addition to this change Google's designers have also enhanced the web application icons with better resolution for these look much better on the iPhone screen 4 that have Dispay Retina.
Gmail developers has also introduced number of transitions when accessing a message, we enter a tag, which makes navigation look much better although it has no value too high. Once again, we see small detail Google gradually improving its services, so much so that I often prefer to use the Mail that comes with IOS.

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